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Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (300-615 DCIT):

This exam tests your knowledge of troubleshooting a data center infrastructure, including:

  • Network
  • Compute platforms
  • Storage network
  • Automation
  • Management and operations

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A mission-critical server is connected to site A. Connectivity to this server is lost from site B because the MAC route is
missing in the OTV VDC of the Nexus 7000 in site B due to MAC aging. Which action allows the flooding of the
unknown unicast MAC on the Nexus 7000 in the OTV VDC?
A. Use route-map to advertise this MAC statically and redistribute with ISIS.
B. Unknown unicast flooding is not allowed.
C. Use the otv flood mac command to selectively flood traffic for a given MAC.
D. Use the otv isis bfd command to configure the BFD protocol.
Correct Answer: B


lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q2

Refer to an exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting an upgrade failure on a switch. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Save the system image in NVRAM.
B. Use the same system image as the kickstart image.
C. Load a new system image.
D. Reload the same system image.
Correct Answer: C

Cisco Unified Computing System Manager raises a critical error message that indicates that the system has overlapping
Ethernet and FCoE VLANs. All of the Ethernet traffic on the overlapping VLANs drops. Which action resolves the
A. Modify the VLAN assignment to vNICs.
B. Change the PIN groups on the HBAs.
C. Modify the FCoE VLAN.
D. Set the FCoE VLAN as the native VLAN on server uplinks.
Correct Answer: A


lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q4

Refer to the exhibit. The spanning tree is blocking the connection between N9K-DC1-Core-1 and N9K-DC1-Access-1.
All ports are up and configured. Which configuration resolves the issue?
A. Set the path cost method to long on all three switches
B. Configure a vPC between N9K-DC1-Core-1 and N9K-DC1-Access-1
C. Configure LACP between N9K-DC1-Core-1 and N9K-DC1-Access-1
D. Lower the spanning-tree cost on the connection between N9K-DC1-Core-2 and N9K-DC1-Access-1
Correct Answer: D


lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q5

Refer to the exhibit. The initiator that has FC ID 0x970102 fails to communicate with the target that has FC ID
0x970200. What action resolves the issue?
A. Reconfigure the initiator and the target to be in the same zones.
B. Reactivate the zoneset.
C. Reset the port for FC ID 0x970102 and FC ID 0x970200 to log in to the fabric.
D. Reset the port for FC ID 0x970209 and FC ID 0x9700c2 to log in to the fabric.
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is troubleshooting a failed DCBX exchange between a server and a Cisco Nexus switch. Which action
allows DCBX to successfully negotiate?
A. Enable ETS
B. Enable PFC.
C. Enable the Cisco Discovery Protocol.
D. Enable LLDP.
Correct Answer: D

One of Cisco Nexus Series interfaces has become err-disabled with the error message “DCX-No ACK in 100 PDUs”.
What is the cause of this error?
A. The host has not responded to the Control Sub-TLV DCBX exchanges of the switch.
B. The acknowledgment number in the server response has not incremented for 100 exchanges.
C. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the switch.D. LLDP is disabled on the switch.
Correct Answer: B


lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q8

Refer to the exhibit. Partial configuration from N9K-1 and N9K-2 is included. The client has two WANs connected. 1.
WAN-1 is for normal business-day activities.
WAN-2 is for server backups during nonworking hours of 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. daily.
The client says that at the scheduled time for backup, the data center server failed to use the WAN-2 link to back up the
servers to the cloud backup system. What is the solution to this problem?
A. The event timer must be written in epoch time format.
B. The Cisco Nexus switch must be configured with one applet because a configuration with two applets will fail.
C. The Cron entry must be configured without double-quotes.
D. The applet called “Backup” must include an action to remove the current static route.
Correct Answer: D

Drag and drop the Cisco UCS SNMP fault types from the left onto the correct issues on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q9

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q9-1


lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q10

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting why user1, user2, and user3 from group STORAGEADMINISTRATOR in Microsoft Active Directory cannot log in to the Cisco MDS SSH CLI. Which action resolves the
A. Configure the role name to match the group name on Microsoft Active Directory.
B. Include specific users into the MDS role configuration.
C. Configure SSH logins on the Cisco MDS switch.
D. Integrate Cisco MDS with Microsoft Active Directory.
Correct Answer: A


lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q11

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is configuring boot from iSCSI on a Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server, but the LUN
fails to mount. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Statically configure the target information in the Boot Policy.
B. Configure an MTU size of 9000 on the appliance port.
C. Configure a QoS policy on the vNIC.
D. Set a connection timeout value of 250 in the iSCSI Adapter Policy.
Correct Answer: A


lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q12

Refer to the exhibit. A web browser displays a “not secure” warning message when accessing the web interface of
Cisco UCS Manager. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Load a third-party certificate to UCS Manager.
B. Use the correct TCP port for HTTPS.
C. Use a supported web browser.
D. Use a supported version of UCS Manager.
Correct Answer: A

Drag and drop the commands from the left onto the correct categories on the right.
Select and Place:

lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q13

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 300-615 exam questions q13-1

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