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300-101 exam – This exam certifies the routing knowledge and skills of successful candidates. They are certified in using advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalable and highly secure Cisco routers that are connected to LANs, WANs, and IPv6. The exam also covers the configuration of highly secure routing solutions to support branch offices and mobile workers. Follow the link to find more information about exam.

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Free Cisco 300-101 Exam Practice Questions

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 300-101 exam question q1

Which three NTP features can be deduced on the router (Choose three.)
A. only accepts time requests from
B. only handle four requests at a time
C. only is in stratum 4
D. only updates its time from
E. only accepts time requests from
F. only updates its time from
Correct Answer: ACF


Which three algorithms can you configure with the ip cef load-sharing algorithm command?(choose three)
A. per-packed
B. Tunnel
C. per-destination
D. Universal
E. Per-source
F. Include-port
Correct Answer: BDF

Which statement about NTP authentication is true?
A. The ntp trusted-key command authenticate the identify of a system.
B. The ntp authentication-key command enables NTP authentication.
C. It suppose DES, 3DES, and MD5 authentication.
D. Only one authentication key can be defined at a time.
Correct Answer: A


A network engineer wants to baseline the network to determine suitability for real-time voice applications. Which IP SLA
operation is best suited for this task?
A. ICMP-echo
B. ICMP-jitter
C. UDP-connect
D. UDP-jitter
E. TCP-connect
F. UDP-echo
Correct Answer: D


What does the following access list, which is applied on the external interface FastEthernet 1/0 of the perimeter router,
accomplish?lead4pass 300-101 exam question q5

router(config)#access-list 101 deny ip any log router (config)#access-list 101 deny ip any log router (config)#access-list 101 deny ip any log router
(config)#access-list 101 permit ip any any router (config)#interface fastEthernet 1/0 router (config-if)#ip access-group
101 in
A. It prevents incoming traffic from IP address ranges,, and logs any intrusion attempts.
B. It prevents the internal network from being used in spoofed denial of service attacks and logs any exit to the Internet.
C. It filters incoming traffic from private addresses in order to prevent spoofing and logs any intrusion attempts.
D. It prevents private internal addresses to be accessed directly from outside.
Correct Answer: C
The private IP address ranges defined in RFC 1918 are as follows: — — — These IP addresses should never be allowed from external networks into a corporate
network as they would only be able to reach the network from the outside via routing problems or if the IP addresses
were spoofed. This ACL is used to prevent all packets with a spoofed reserved private source IP address to enter the
network. The log keyword also enables logging of this intrusion attempt.


Router E is configured with the EIGRP variance 2 command.lead4pass 300-101 exam question q6

What path will Router E take to reach Router A?
A. only E-D-A
B. only E-B-A
C. only E-C-A
D. both E-B-A and E-C-A
E. both E-B-A and E-D-A
F. all available paths.
Correct Answer: D
By using the “variance 2” command we can share traffic to other feasible successor routes.
But by default, EIGRP only shares traffic to 4 paths. So we need to use the “maximum-paths 6” to make sure all of
these routes are used.


Two aspects of an IP SLA operation can be tracked: state and reachability. Which statement about state tracking is
A. When tracking state, an OK return code means that the track\\’s state is up; any other return code means that the
track\\’s state is down.
B. When tracking state, an OK or over threshold return code means that the track\\’s state is up; any other return code
means that the track\\’s state is down.
C. When tracking state, an OK return code means that the track\\’s state is down; any other return code means that the
track\\’s state is up.
D. When tracking state, an OK or over threshold return code means that the track\\’s state is down; any other return
code means that the track\\’s state is up.
Correct Answer: A


Which protocol can you use to remotely install an IOS image on a Cisco switch?
B. NetFlow
Correct Answer: C

Which location within the network is preferred when using a dedicated route for Cisco IP SLA operations?
A. user edge
B. provider edge
C. access edge
D. distribution edge
Correct Answer: D


Your Company trainee asks you, in the context of IPv6 and OSPF, what best describes a type 9 LSA? What should you
tell her?
A. Link LSA
B. Interarea prefix LSA for ABRs
C. Router LSA
D. Switch LSA
E. Intra-area prefix LSA
F. None of the above
Correct Answer: E


In IPv6, SLAAC provides the ability to address a host based on a network prefix that is advertised from a local network
router. How is the prefix advertised?
A. routing table
B. router advertisements
C. routing protocol
D. routing type
Correct Answer: B


Which two OSPF router types can perform summarization in an OSPF network?(Choose two)
A. backbone router
B. are border router
C. summary router
D. a autonomous system boundary router
E. internal router
Correct Answer: BD

How route tags can be set?(choose two)
A. ONLY within route tags
B. within tag lists
C. can be set with ONLY route-maps
D. can be set DIRECTLY within route maps.
E. only used on link state RPs
Correct Answer: BD

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Refer to the following configuration command.
router(config)# ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 80
Which statement about the command is true?
A. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP port address of is translated to
B. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP port address of is translated to
C. The router accepts only a TCP connection from port 8080 and port 80 on IP address
D. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP address of is redirected to port 8080 or port 80.
Correct Answer: A

Which option is one way to mitigate symmetric routing on an active/active firewall setup for TCP-based connections? 300-101 pdf
A. performing packet captures
B. disabling asr-group commands on interfaces that are likely to receive asymetric traffic
C. replacing them with redundant routers and allowing load balancing
D. disabling stateful TCP checks
Correct Answer: D
300-101 dumps
QUESTION 3                    300-101 dumps
Which option is invalid when configuring Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding?
A. allow self ping to router
B. allow default route
C. allow based on ACL match
D. source reachable via both
Correct Answer: D

Which traffic characteristic is the reason that UDP traffic that carries voice and video is assigned to the queue only on a link that is at least 768 kbps?
A. typically is not fragmented
B. typically is fragmented
C. causes windowing
D. causes excessive delays for video traffic
Correct Answer: A

What type of IPv6 packet will indicate traffic from single host and single node?
A. multicast
B. unicast
C. broadcast
D. anycast
Correct Answer: B

A network engineer receives reports about poor voice quality issues at a remote site. The network engineer does a packet capture and sees out-of-order packets being delivered. Which option can cause the VOIP quality to suffer? 300-101 dumps
A. traffic over backup redundant links
B. misconfigured voice vlan
C. speed duplex link issues
D. load balancing over redundant links
Correct Answer: D

Which three IP SLA performance metrics can you use to monitor enterprise-class networks? (Choose three.)
A. Packet loss
B. Delay
C. bandwidth
D. Connectivity
E. Reliability
F. traps
Correct Answer: ABD

A network engineer is configuring the router for NetFlow data exporting. What is required in order for NDE to begin exporting data?
A. Source
B. Flow mask
C. Destination
D. Interface type
E. Traffic type
F. NetFlow version
Correct Answer: C

Which statement is true about IPv6? 300-101 pdf
A. Only one IPv6 address is assigned per node
B. Only one IPv6 address can be assigned to each interface.
C. Each host can autoconfigure its address without the aid of a DHCP server.
D. IPv6 hosts use anycast addresses to assign IP addresses to interfaces
Correct Answer: C

How is authentication handled with OSPFv3?
A. OSPFv3 for IPv6 authentication is supported by SHA-1 authentication.
B. OSPFv3 for IPv6 authentication is supported by MD5 authentication
C. OSPFv3 for IPv6 authentication is supported by IPv6 IPsec
D. OSPFv3 for IPv6 authentication is supported by IPv4 IPsec
Correct Answer: C

You have implemented mutual route redistribution between OSPF and EIGRP on a border router. When checking the routing table on one of the OSPF routers within the OSPF routing domain, you are seeing some, but not all of the expected routes. Which two things should you verify to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two.)
A. The border router is using a proper seed metric for OSPF.
B. The border router is using a proper seed metric for EIGRP.
C. The administrative distance is set for OSPF and EIGRP
D. The missing EIGRP routes are present in the routing table of the border router
E. The subnet keyword on the border router in the redistribute EIGRP command
Correct Answer: D

Your company uses Voice over IP (VoIP). The system sends UDP datagrams containing the voice data between communicating hosts. 300-101 dumps When areas of the network become busy, some of the datagrams arrive at their destination out of order. What happens when this occurs?
A. UDP will send an ICMP Information request message to the source host.
B. UDP will pass the information in the datagrams up to the next OSI layer in the order in which they arrive.
C. UDP will drop the datagrams that arrive out of order.
D. UDP will use the sequence numbers in the datagram headers to reassemble the data into the …
Correct Answer: B

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