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Certification: CCNP Enterprise
Duration: 120 minutes
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Cisco 350-401 exam questions online practice test:

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Question 1:

How does Cisco Trustsec enable more access controls for dynamic networking environments and data centers?

A. uses flexible NetFlow

B. assigns a VLAN to the endpoint

C. classifies traffic based on the contextual identity of the endpoint rather than its IP address

D. classifies traffic based on advanced application recognition

Question 2:

Which technology provides a secure communication channel for all traffic at Layer 2 of the OSI model?

A. MACsec

B. IPsec


D. Cisco Trustsec

Question 3:

What does Cisco DNA southbound APIs provide?

A. Interface between the controller and the network devices

B. NETCONF API interface for orchestration communication

C. RESful API interface for orchestrator communication

D. Interface between the controller and the consumer

The Southbound API is used to communicate with network devices.

Question 4:

Which NGFW mode block flows crossing the firewall?

A. Passive

B. Tap

C. Inline tap

D. Inline

Question 5:

Which two pieces of information are necessary to compute SNR? (Choose two.)


B. noise floor

C. antenna gain


E. transmit power

Question 6:

Which requirement for an Ansible-managed node is true?

A. It must be a Linux server or a Cisco device.

B. It must have an SSH server running.

C. It must support ad hoc commands.

D. It must have an Ansible Tower installed.

Question 7:

What is the difference between the enable password and the enable secret password when password encryption is enabled on an IOS device?

A. The enable password is encrypted with a stronger encryption method.

B. There is no difference and both passwords are encrypted identically.

C. The enable password cannot be decrypted.

D. The enabled secret password is protected via stronger cryptography mechanisms.

Question 8:

Refer to the exhibit.

Which configuration establishes EBGP neighborship between these two directly connected neighbors and exchanges the loopback network of the two routers through BGP?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Question 9:

In which part of the HTTP message is the content type specified?

A. HTTP method


C. header

D. body

Question 10:

Which behavior can be expected when the HSRP versions are changed from 1 to 2?

A. Each HSRP group reinitializes because the virtual MAC address has changed.

B. No changes occur because versions 1 and 2 use the same virtual MAC OUI.

C. Each HSRP group reinitializes because the multicast address has changed.

D. No changes occur because the standby router is upgraded before the active router.

Question 11:

A response code of 404 is received while using the REST API on Cisco UNA Center to POST to this URI.

/dna/intent/api/v1 /template-programmer/project

What does the code mean?

A. The client made a request for a resource that does not exist.

B. The server has not implemented the functionality that is needed to fulfill the request.

C. The request was accepted for processing, but the processing was not completed.

D. The POST/PUT request was fulfilled and a new resource was created, Information about the resource is in the response body.

Question 12:

What is the structure of a JSON web token?

A. three parts separated by dots header payload, and signature

B. header and payload

C. three parts separated by dots version header and signature

D. payload and signature

Question 13:

Which OSPF network types are compatible and allow communication through the two peering devices?

A. broadcast to nonbroadcast

B. point-to-multipoint to nonbroadcast

C. broadcast to point-to-point

D. point-to-multipoint to broadcast

Question 14:

At which Layer does Cisco DNA Center support REST controls?

A. EEM applets or scripts

B. Session layer

C. YMAL output from responses to API calls

D. Northbound APIs

Question 15:

Which statement about agent-based versus agentless configuration management tools is true?

A. Agentless tools require no messaging systems between master and slaves.

B. Agentless tools use proxy nodes to interface with slave nodes.

C. Agent-based tools do not require a high-level language interpreter such as Python or Ruby on slave nodes.

D. Agent-based tools do not require the installation of additional software packages on the slave nodes.


Verify answer:

Q4DFirepower Threat Defense (FTD) provides six interface modes which are: Routed, Switched, Inline Pair, Inline Pair with Tap, Passive, Passive (ERSPAN).

When Inline Pair Mode is in use, packets can be blocked since they are processed inline When you use Inline Pair mode, the packet goes mainly through the FTD Snort engine When Tap Mode is enabled, a copy of the packet is inspected and dropped internally while the actual traffic goes through FTD unmodified
Q5BDsignal-to-noise ratio (SNR) A measure of received signal quality, calculated as the difference between the signal\’s RSSI and the noise floor. A higher SNR is preferred.
Q11AThe 404 (Not Found) error status code indicates that the REST API can\’t map the client\’s URI to a resource but may be available in the future. Subsequent requests by the client are permissible.
Q13AThe following different OSPF types are compatible with each other:

+ Broadcast and Non-Broadcast (adjust hello/dead timers) + Point-to-Point and

Point-to-Multipoint (adjust hello/dead timers) Broadcast and Non-Broadcast networks elect DR/BDR so they are compatible. Point-topoint/ multipoint do not elect DR/BDR so they are compatible.

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