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Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)” Exam 300-115. Here you can get the latest free Cisco CCDP 300-115 exam exercise questions and answers for free and easily improve your skills!

300-115 exam: This exam certifies the switching knowledge and skills of successful candidates. They are certified in planning, configuring,
and verifying the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions that use the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture. Follow the link to find more information about exam.

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Free Cisco 300-115 Exam Practice Questions

How many VLANs can be assigned to a user access port configured for VoIP?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. unlimited
Correct Answer: A


What does the command vlan dot1q tag native accomplish when configured under global configuration?
A. All frames within the native VLAN are tagged, except when the native VLAN is set to 1.
B. It allows control traffic to pass using the non-default VLAN.
C. It removes the 4-byte dot1q tag from every frame that traverses the trunk interface(s).
D. Control traffic is tagged.
Correct Answer: D
The “vlan dot1q tag native” will tag all untagged frames, including control traffic, with the defined native VLAN.


What is the process to configure EtherChannel?
A. shutdown both interface ports
B. shutdown the interface on one side only
Correct Answer: A

Which of these StackWise virtualization components are in a logical stack?
A. control and data plane
B. control and management plane
Correct Answer: B

Which form of centralized device authentication allows each AAA feature to function separately?
A. local database
D. kerberos
Correct Answer: C


Which two of these StackWise virtualization components are in a logical stack? (Choose two.)
A. management plane
B. data plane
C. control plane
Correct Answer: AC

What are possible Etherchannel load balancing mechanism based on layer 3?
A. Mac source
B. Mac source-destination
C. Ip Source
D. IP Source-destination
E. Mac destination
Correct Answer: CD


Switch(config)# snamp-server enable traps mac-notifcation Switch(config)# mac address-table notification threshold
Switch(config)# mac address-table notification threshold limit 60 Switch(config)# mac address-table notification mac-
Refer to exhibit, which two statements correctly indicate when an SNMP trap is set to the switch? (choose two)
A. When a new workstation connects to port F0/1
B. When 61 MAC address are in the switch
C. When 61 percent of the Address table capacity is used
D. When the switch loses power and reboots
E. When the phone previously on Fa0/2 is now connect to Fa0/5
Correct Answer: CE

You have been asked to install and configure a new switch in a customer network. Use the console access to the
existing and new switches to configure and verify correct device configuration.lead4pass 300-115 exam question q9 lead4pass 300-115 exam question q9-1

Refer to the configuration. For which configured VLAN are untagged frames sent over trunk between SW1 and SW2?
B. VLAN 99
C. VLAN 999
D. VLAN 40
E. VLAN 50
F. VLAN 200
G. VLAN 300
Correct Answer: B
The native VLAN is used for untagged frames sent along a trunk. By issuing the “show interface trunk” command on
SW1 and SW2 we see the native VLAN is 99.

lead4pass 300-115 exam question q9-2


A network engineer must set the load balance method on an existing port channel. Which action must be done to apply
a new load balancing method?
A. Configure the new load balancing method using port-channel load-balance.
B. Adjust the switch SDM back to “default”.
C. Ensure that IP CEF is enabled globally to support all load balancing methods.
D. Upgrade the PFC to support the latest load balancing methods.
Correct Answer: A
EtherChannel balances the traffic load across the links in a channel through the reduction of part of the binary pattern
that the addresses in the frame form to a numerical value that selects one of the links in the channel. EtherChannel load
balancing can use MAC addresses or IP addresses, source or destination addresses, or both source and destination
addresses. The mode applies to all EtherChannels that are configured on the switch. You configure the load balancing
and forwarding method with use of the port- channel load-balance {dst-ip | dst-mac | src-dst-ip | src-dst-mac | src-ip | src-
mac} global configuration command.


Which two statements is true about port security? (Choose two.)
A. It is used on EtherChannel bundle.
B. It must be used on the switch interface.
C. It can be configured for SPAN.
D. It is configured on an access port.
Correct Answer: BD


Which statement is true when UDLD is configured on a link and the link is determined to be unidirectional?
A. The port remains up for a configured time interval and then error disables if the link remains undirccironal.
B. LLDP is enabled on the port.
C. The port sends a log message to the console.
D. The port is disabled immediately
Correct Answer: A

You want a device to use the local user database if the TACACS+ server is unreachable. Which AAA login
authentication command must you configure?
A. aaa authentication login TAG ACS group tacacs+ local
B. aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local
C. aaa authentication login default group local
D. aaa authentication login default group local tacacs+
Correct Answer: B

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