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Question 1:

Which DTMF relay method configured on a SIP dial-peer will ensure that a media resource is not invoked by Unified CM for calls to UCCX IVRs?

A. dtmf-relay slp-kpml

B. dtmf-relay rtp-nte

C. sdtmf-relay h245-slgnal

D. dtmf-relay sip-notify

Question 2:

Which task is required when configuring self-provisioning for an end user in Cisco UCM?

A. Enable Auto-Registration.

B. Associate the end user to the Standard CCM Super Users group.

C. Associate the end user to a SIP Profile.

D. Disable Auto-Registration.

Question 3:

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is confining a class of control for a user in Cisco UCM. Which change will ensure that the user is unable to call 2143?

350-801 exam questions 3

A. Change line partition to Partition_A

B. Change line CSS to only contain Partition_B

C. Set the user\’s line CSS to

D. Set the users device CSS to

Question 4:

What is a characteristic of a SIP endpoint configured in Cisco UCM with “Use Trusted Relay Point” set to “On”?

A. It enables Cisco UCM to insert an MTP or transcoder designated as a TRP.

B. It enables the Use Trusted Relay Point setting from the associated common device configuration.

C. If TRP is allocated and MTP is also required for the endpoint, calls fail.

D. It creates a trusting relationship with the called party.

Question 5:

Which statement about Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco IM and Presence backups is true?

A. Backups should be scheduled during off-peak hours to avoid system performance issues.

B. Backups are saved as .tar files and encrypted using the web administrator account.

C. Backups are saved as unencrypted .tar files.

D. Backups are not needed for subscriber Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco IM and Presence servers.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/11_5_1_SU1/Administration/cucm_b_administration-guide-1151su1/cucm_b_administration-guide-1151su1_chapter_01010.html#CUCM_TK_S7FC26D5_00

Question 6:

An engineer is designing a high availability and failover solution for two Cisco Unified Border Element routers. The first router (cube1.ab.com) takes 60% of the calls and the second router (cube2.abc.com) takes 40% of the calls. Assume all

DNS A records have been created.

Which two SRV records are needed for a load-balanced solution? (Choose two.)

A. _sip._udp.abc.com 60 IN SRV 2 60 cube1.abc.com

B. _sip._udp.abc.com 60 IN SRV 60 1 cube1.abc.com

C. _sip._udp.abc.com 60 IN SRV 1 40 cube2.abc.com

D. _sip._udp.abc.com 60 IN SRV 3 60 cube2.abc.com

E. _sip._udp.abc.com 60 IN SRV 1 60 cube1.abc.com

Question 7:

Which two functions are provided by Cisco Expressway Series? (Choose two.)

A. interworking of SIP and H.323

B. endpoint registration

C. intercluster extension mobility

D. voice and video transcoding

E. voice and video conference

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/expressway/config_guide/X8-11/Cisco-Meeting-Server-2-4-with-Cisco-Expressway-Deployment-Guide_X8-11-4.pdf

Question 8:

An engineer is configuring Cisco Jabber for Windows and must implement desk phone control mode for some of the users.

Which access control group must be configured for those users to enable this functionality?

A. Allow Control of the Device from CTI

B. Standard CTI Secure Connection

C. Standard CTI Enabled

D. Standard CTI Allow Reception of SRTP Key Material

Question 9:

Which Cisco collaboration Edge architecture product allows remote endpoints to leverage corporate- premises Cisco Unified communications infrastructure?

A. Cisco Webex

B. Cisco VPN Client

C. Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access

D. Cisco Umbrella

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

An administrator is troubleshooting an issue where an 8845 is not joining the correct voice VLAN configuration from a switch and they believe that LLDP is the issue. Which command allows the administrator to see the packets sent from the phone to the switch?

A. show lldp status

B. show lldp traffic

C. show lldp

D. show lldp run

Question 11:

Which two features of Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance require advanced licensing? (Choose two.)

A. real-time alarm browse

B. multicluster support

C. call quality monitoring

D. email notifications

E. customizable events

Question 12:

Which feature is enabled by Cisco Mobile and Remote Access?

A. Internal SIP clients registered to Cisco UCM can call external companies.

B. Clients such as Cisco Jabber can use call control on Cisco UCM.

C. VPN connectivity can be established to Cisco UCM.

D. Cisco UCC Express clients can obtain VPN connectivity to Cisco UCC Enterprise.

Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit.

350-801 exam questions 13

An engineer is troubleshooting a codec negotiation issue where both endpoints that are involved in the call support the codecs listed in the exhibit. Which audio codec is selected il a call between two endpoints in Region 1 is placed?

A. G.711u

B. G.722

C. G.729

D. G.711a

Question 14:

An administrator would like to set several Cisco Jabber configuration parameters to only apply to mobile clients (iOS and Android). How does the administrator accomplish this with Cisco Jabber 12.9 and Cisco UCM 12.5?

A. Assign the desired configuration file to “Mobile” Jabber Client Configuration in the Service Profile.

B. Deploy jabber-config-user.xml on iOS and Android devices.

C. Upload the jabber-config.enc file to TFTP

D. Create a user profile in Jabber Policies.

Question 15:

What is the purpose of Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) in the Cisco UCM architecture?

A. MRA is used to access Webex cloud services only if authenticated with on-premises LDAP service.

B. MRA is used to make secure PSTN calls by Cisco UCM only while on-premises authentication.

C. MRA is used to make B2B calls through Expressway registration.

D. MRA is used to access the collaboration services offered by Cisco UCM from off-premises network connections.

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