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300-735 SAUTO – Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/sauto-300-735.html

This exam tests your knowledge of implementing security automated solutions, including:

  • Programming concepts
  • RESTful APIs
  • Data models
  • Protocols
  • Firewalls
  • Web
  • DNS
  • Cloud and email security
  • ISE

Latest Updates Cisco 300-735 Exam Practice Questions and Answers


If the goal is to create an access policy with the default action of blocking traffic, using Cisco Firepower Management
Center REST APIs, which snippet is used?

micvce 300-735 q1
micvce 300-735 q1-1

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: D


micvce 300-735 q2

Refer to the exhibit.
What is the purpose of the API represented by this URL?
A. Getting or setting intrusion policies in FMC
B. Creating an intrusion policy in FDM
C. Updating access policies
D. Getting the list of intrusion policies configured in FDM

Correct Answer: D


Which request searches for a process window in Cisco ThreatGRID that contains the word “secret”?
A. /api/v2/search/submissions?term=processwindowandtitle=secret
B. /api/v2/search/submissions?term=processwindowandq=secret
C. /api/v2/search/submissions?term=windowandtitle=secret
D. /api/v2/search/submissions?term=processandq=secret

Correct Answer: D


When the URI “/api/fmc_config/v1/domain/e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f/policy/accesspolicies” is used to
make a POST request, what does “e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f” represent?
A. API token
B. domain UUID
C. access policy UUID
D. object UUID

Correct Answer: B


Which API is used to query if the domain “example.com” has been flagged as malicious by the Cisco Security Labs
A. https://s-platform.api.opendns.com/1.0/events?example.com
B. https://investigate.api.umbrella.com/domains/categorization/example.com
C. https://investigate.api.umbrella.com/domains/volume/example.com
D. https://s-platform.api.opendns.com/1.0/domains?example.com

Correct Answer: B


Which two API capabilities are available on the Cisco Identity Services Engine? (Choose two.)
A. Platform Configuration APIs
B. Monitoring REST APIs
C. Performance Management REST APIs
D. External RESTful Services APIs
E. Internal RESTful Services APIs

Correct Answer: BD


Drag and drop the code to complete the curl query to the Cisco Umbrella Investigate API for the Latest Malicious
Domains for the IP address Not all options are used.
Select and Place:

micvce 300-735 q7

Reference: https://docs.umbrella.com/investigate-api/reference#about-the-api-and-authentication



micvce 300-735 q8

Refer to the exhibit.
Drag and drop the elements from the left onto the script on the right that queries Cisco ThreatGRID for indications of
Select and Place:

micvce 300-735 q8-1

Correct Answer:

micvce 300-735 q8-2

Reference: https://community.cisco.com/t5/endpoint-security/amp-threat-grid-api/m-p/3538319


Which curl command lists all tags (host groups) that are associated with a tenant using the Cisco Stealthwatch
Enterprise API?
A. curl -X PUT”Cookie:{Cookie Data}”https://{stealthwatch_host}/smc-configuration/rest/v1/tenants/{tenant_id}/tags
B. curl -X POST -H”Cookie:{Cookie Data}”https://{stealthwatch_host}/smc-configuration/rest/v1/tenants/tags
C. curl -X GET -H”Cookie:{Cookie Data}”https://{stealthwatch_host}/smc-configuration/rest/v1/tenants/{tenant_id}/tags
D. curl -X GET -H”Cookie:{Cookie Data}”https://{stealthwatch_host}/smc-configuration/rest/v1/tenants/tags

Correct Answer: C


Drag and drop the code to complete the curl query to the Umbrella Reporting API that provides a detailed report of
blocked security activity events from the organization with an organization of “12345678” for the last 24 hours. Not all
options are used. Select and Place:

micvce 300-735 q10

Reference: https://docs.umbrella.com/umbrella-api/docs/security-activity-report


DRAG DROP Drag and drop the items to complete the curl request to the ThreatGRID API. The API call should request
the first 10 IP addresses that ThreatGRID saw samples communicate with during analysis, in the first two hours of
January 18th (UTC time), where those communications triggered a Behavior Indicator that had confidence equal to or
higher than 75 and a severity equal to or higher than 95.
Select and Place:

micvce 300-735 q11

Correct Answer:

micvce 300-735 q11-1

Reference: https://support.umbrella.com/hc/en-us/articles/231248768-Cisco-Umbrella-Cisco-AMP-Threat-Grid-CloudIntegration-Setup-Guide


micvce 300-735 q12

Refer to the exhibit. A security engineer created a script and successfully executed it to retrieve all currently open alerts.
Which print command shows the first returned alert?
A. print(response[data][0])
B. print(response[results][0])
C. print(response.json()[data][0])
D. print(response.json()[results][0])

Correct Answer: A


In Cisco AMP for Endpoints, which API queues to find the list of endpoints in the group “Finance Hosts,” which has a
GUID of 6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03?
A. https://api.amp.cisco.com/v1/endpoints?group[]=6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03
B. https://api.amp.cisco.com/v1/computers?group_guid[]=6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03
C. https://api.amp.cisco.com/v1/computers?group_guid-6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03
D. https://api.amp.cisco.com/v1/endpoints?group-6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03

Correct Answer: B

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