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2021 Cisco 350-801 dumps collections and latest updates

cisco 350-801 dumps collections

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The latest update Cisco 350-801 dumps exam questions

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Endpoint A is attempting to call endpoint B. Endpoint A only supports G.711 ulaw with a packetization rate of 20 ms, and endpoint B supports packetization rate of 30 ms for G.711ulaw. Which two media are resources are allocated to
normalize packetization rates through transrating?

A. Hardware MTP on Cisco IOS Software
B. Software MTP on Cisco Unified Communication Manager
C. Software MTP on Cisco IOS Software
D. Software transcoder on Cisco unified Communications manager
E. Hardware transcoder on Cisco IOS Software



An administrator with ID392116981 is receiving complaints of pixilation smearing, and pulsing of video calls between
two offices that are connected by a WAN. Assuming that QoS is implemented on the WAN connection, which
classification is used to mark the video traffic, according to the Cisco QoS baseline?

A. AF31
B. CS3
D. AF41



What causes poor voice quality and video pixelization in a video call?

A. The QoS is configured incorrectly.
B. A firewall is blocking the RTP ports.
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is configured to use G.711 instead of G.729.
D. 1 Gbps network ports are used instead of 100 Mbps network ports.



cisco 350-801 dumps questions q4

Refer to the exhibit. Endpoint A calls endpoint B. What is the only audio codec that can be used for the call?

A. Telephone-event/8000
B. G7221/16000
C. PCMA/8000
D. G722/8000



Which DiffServ marking is the most likely to drop packets?

A. AF32
B. AF12
C. AF11
D. AF13



Regarding SIP integrations with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, if the Cisco Unity Connection is configured to
listen for incoming IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, how should the addressing mode be set up in the Cisco Unity Connection?

A. Set up is not required.
B. Set up for each group to use IPv4 and IPv6.
C. Set up media ports for each port group to use IPv4.
D. Set up IPv4 and IPv6 in Cisco Unified CM.



An engineer must manually register an analog port with cisco UCM using the MGCP protocol. Which commands are

cisco 350-801 dumps questions q7

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D



Which access control group is required on an end user to allow Jabber to do deskphone mode?

A. Allow Control of Device from CTI
B. Standard CTI Enabled
C. Standard CTI Allow Reception of SRTP Key Material
D. Standard CTI Secure Connection



Which three Cisco Unity Connection call handler greetings can be overridden by the internal greeting? (Choose three.)

A. holiday
B. alternate
C. error
D. busy
E. closed
F. standard

This greeting overrides the Standard, Closed, and Holiday greetings but only for internal callers or users defined in
Cisco Unity Connection.Because the mentioned three greetings are defined for externals users.



After an engineer runs the utils ntp status command on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher, the
stratum value is 16. Which issue can the Cisco Unified CM cluster experience?

A. Unified CM sends an NTPV4 packet.
B. Database replication is not synchronized on the Unified CM nodes.
C. The cluster loses access to port 124 at the firewall.
D. The date/time group on all phones defaults to the time zone of the engineer.



Which attribute contains an XMPP stanza?

A. iq
B. message
C. type
D. presence



An administrator needs to stop the leading 9 from outbound calls on an IOS Voice Gateway and ensure that the system
handles 911 emergency calls Which configuration is needed to accomplish this task?

cisco 350-801 dumps questions q12

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D



Refer to the exhibit.

cisco 350-801 dumps questions q13

Assume that the bottom logical partition policy entry in Cisco Unified Communications Manager was provisioned last.
How is the call treated when an IP phone in the Bangalore GeoLocation places a call to a MGCP gateway with FXS
ports in the San Jose GeoLocation?

A. The call is denied because the last added logical partition policy takes precedence when multiple matches exist.
B. The call is allowed because the first listed logical partition policy takes precedence when multiple matches exist.
C. The call is denied because the call flow matches neither policy entries.
D. The call is allowed because the call flow matches neither policy entries.
E. The call is allowed because only the top policy entry matches the call flow.

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