Lead4Pass 350-701 dumps exam material for the latest exam topics

Lead4Pass 350-701 dumps exam material for the latest exam topics

Lead4Pass 350-701 dumps updated to the latest version! 622 latest exam questions and answers fully updated by the professional team and verified to meet all requirements of 350-701 SCOR v1.1 exam topics!

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Check out the latest 350-701 SCOR v1.1 exam topics online:

latest 350-701 SCOR v1.1 exam topics

1.0 Security Concepts

  • 1.1 Explain common threats against on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments
    • 1.1.a On-premises: viruses, trojans, DoS/DDoS attacks, phishing, rootkits, man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, malware
    • 1.1.b Cloud: data breaches, insecure APIs, DoS/DDoS, compromised credentials
  • 1.2 Compare common security vulnerabilities such as software bugs, weak and/or hardcoded passwords, OWASP top ten, missing encryption ciphers, buffer overflow, path traversal, cross-site scripting/forgery
  • 1.3 Describe functions of the cryptography components such as hashing, encryption, PKI, SSL, IPsec, NAT-T IPv4 for IPsec, preshared key, and certificate-based authorization
  • 1.4 Compare site-to-site and remote access VPN deployment types and components such as virtual tunnel interfaces, standards-based IPsec, DMVPN, FlexVPN, and Cisco Secure Client including high availability considerations
  • 1.5 Describe security intelligence authoring, sharing, and consumption
  • 1.6 Describe the controls used to protect against phishing and social engineering attacks
  • 1.7 Explain North Bound and South Bound APIs in the SDN architecture
  • 1.8 Explain Cisco DNA Center APIs for network provisioning, optimization, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • 1.9 Interpret basic Python scripts used to call Cisco Security appliances APIs

2.0 Network Security

  • 2.1 Compare network security solutions that provide intrusion prevention and firewall capabilities
  • 2.2 Describe deployment models of network security solutions and architectures that provide intrusion prevention and firewall capabilities
  • 2.3 Describe the components, capabilities, and benefits of NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow records
  • 2.4 Configure and verify network infrastructure security methods
    • 2.4.a Layer 2 methods (network segmentation using VLANs; Layer 2 and port security; DHCP snooping; Dynamic ARP inspection; storm control; PVLANs to segregate network traffic; and defenses against MAC, ARP, VLAN hopping, STP, and DHCP rogue attacks)
    • 2.4.b Device hardening of network infrastructure security devices (control plane, data plane, and management plane)
  • 2.5 Implement segmentation, access control policies, AVC, URL filtering, malware protection, and intrusion policies
  • 2.6 Implement management options for network security solutions (single vs. multidevice manager, in-band vs. out-of-band, cloud vs. on-premises)
  • 2.7 Configure AAA for device and network access such as TACACS+ and RADIUS
  • 2.8 Configure secure network management of perimeter security and infrastructure devices such as SNMPv3, NetConf, RestConf, APIs, secure Syslog, and NTP with authentication
  • 2.9 Configure and verify site-to-site and remote access VPN
    • 2.9.a Site-to-site VPN using Cisco routers and IOS
    • 2.9.b Remote access VPN using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client
    • 2.9.c Debug commands to view IPsec tunnel establishment and troubleshooting

3.0 Securing the Cloud

  • 3.1 Identify security solutions for cloud environments
    • 3.1.a Public, private, hybrid, and community clouds
    • 3.1.b Cloud service models: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS (NIST 800-145)
  • 3.2 Compare security responsibility for the different cloud service models
    • 3.2.a Patch management in the cloud
    • 3.2.b Security assessment in the cloud
  • 3.3 Describe the concept of DevSecOps (CI/CD pipeline, container orchestration, and secure software development)
  • 3.4 Implement application and data security in cloud environments
  • 3.5 Identify security capabilities, deployment models, and policy management to secure the cloud
  • 3.6 Configure cloud logging and monitoring methodologies
  • 3.7 Describe application and workload security concepts

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latest Updated Cisco 350-701 exam questions and Answer

What Cisco command shows you the status of an 802.1X connection on interface gi0/1?
A. show authorization status
B. show authen sess int gi0/1
C. show connection status gi0/1
D. show ver gi0/1
Correct Answer: B

Under which two circumstances is a CoA issued? (Choose two.)
A. A new authentication rule wasadded to the policy on the Policy Service node.

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