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Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-135 Exam Video

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This exam certifies that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and perform regular maintenance on complex enterprise routed and switched networks, Use technology-based practices and a systematic ITIL-compliant approach to perform network troubleshooting

Latest updates Cisco 300-135 exam practice questions

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 300-135 exam question q1

Which two statements are correct? (Choose Two)
A. The source device has name resolution configured.
B. The source device is using two routes for the destination, learned from different protocols.
C. A device on the path is introducing considerable delay.
D. The source device is loading balancing traffic.
Correct Answer: AD
Router traces domain name ( and it gets ICMP answers, so name resolution has happened. Per hop output
shows 2 lines, hence 2 active paths exist.


Which of the following are shared distribution tree characteristics? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Memory requirements are higher for shared distribution tree than for source distribution tree.
B. Creates a tree from a central RP to all last-hop routers.
C. Uses a rendezvous point.
D. An optimal path is created between each source router and each last-hop router.
E. Place (S,G) entry in each router\\’s multicast routing table.
F. Place (*,G) entry in a router\\’s multicast routing to table.
Correct Answer: CF

Which two can use to protect and secure management plane from unwanted and unauthorized access? (Choose two.)
A. Limit physical access to network devices
B. Use RADIUS instead of TACACS+ for AAA.
C. Create an ACL to permit Telnet access only.
D. Enable authentication for the routing protection.
E. Use MPP to limit the interfaces on which management traffic can traverse the device.
Correct Answer: AE


Which two statements about IPv6 traffic filtering are true? (choose two)
A. it performs virtual fragmentation reassembly after checking engress ACLs
B. it performs virtual fragmentation after checking ingress ACLs
C. it requires IPv6 neighbor discovery to be enabled on the interface
D. it requires configuration to be done at the engress interface
E. it is configured at the interface level
Correct Answer: BE

There was a question on how to limit debug output for a particular interface and one of the options was debug condition
interface g0/0 which I think was the correct answer.
A. debug condition interface g0/0
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement indicates a cause for Tunnel0’s connection failure?lead4pass 300-135 exam question q6

A. The tunnel destination interface is flapping, which causes the tunnel to go up and down.
B. The tunnel source interface is in an up/down state and the tunnel destination is recursively routing as a result.
C. The tunnel is configured with the wrong encapsulation.
D. The tunnel destination is intermittently reachable via multiple routing protocols.
Correct Answer: D

On which two topologies can you deploy a point-to-point GRE over IPsec design? (Choose two.)
A. bus
B. partial-mesh
C. hub-and-spoke
D. ring
E. tree
Correct Answer: BC
In a p2p GRE over IPsec design, the following three topologies can be implemented: Hub-and-spoke Partial mesh Full

Refer to the exhibit. Which command will limit the output of the debug ospf hello command as shown in Section 3?lead4pass 300-135 exam question q8

A. debug condition interface Gi0/0
B. debug condition interface Gi0/2
C. debug condition ip
D. no debug condition ip
Correct Answer: B


Drag and drop the GRE header fields from the left into the Required or Optional categories on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 300-135 exam question q9

Correct Answer: lead4pass 300-135 exam question q9-1


When your network experiences Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP issues, with which layer of the OSI model must
you begin troubleshooting?
A. physical layer
B. datalink layer
C. network layer
D. transport layer
Correct Answer: B

A question related to IPsec security. (IPSEC security related)
A. create a IPSec with tunnel
Correct Answer: A

Drag and Drop
Select and Place:lead4pass 300-135 exam question q12

Correct Answer: lead4pass 300-135 exam question q12-1


Examine the output from R1. Interface FastEthernet0/0 is used for all management of the device. A client is able to
connect to R1 on port 22, however, they are unable to connect on port 23. What is the cause of the problem?lead4pass 300-135 exam question q13

A. Management Plane Protection (MPP) is enabled, which only allows SSH.
B. Telnet and SSH are not allowed at the same time.
C. Management Plane Protection (MPP) is enabled on the wrong interface.
D. Management Plane Protection (MPP) is enabled, however telnet is not allowed.
Correct Answer: D

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