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Which limitation applies to Cisco FMC dashboards in a multi-domain environment?

A. Child domains are able to view but not edit dashboards that originate from an ancestor domain.
B. Child domains have access to only a limited set of widgets from ancestor domains.
C. Only the administrator of the top ancestor domain is able to view dashboards.
D. Child domains are not able to view dashboards that originate from an ancestor domain.

Correct Answer: D



An engineer is implementing Cisco FTD in the network and is determining which Firepower mode to use. The organization needs to have multiple virtual Firepower devices working separately inside of the FTD appliance to provide traffic segmentation.
Which deployment mode should be configured in the Cisco Firepower Management Console to support these requirements?

A. Multiple Deployment
B. single-context
C. Single deployment
D. multi-instance

Correct Answer: D


A network administrator reviews the file report for the last month and notices that all file types, except exe. show a disposition of unknown. What is the cause of this issue?

A. The malware license has not been applied to the Cisco FTD.
B. The Cisco FMC cannot reach the Internet to analyze files.
C. A file policy has not been applied to the access policy.
D. Only Spero file analysis is enabled.

Correct Answer: A


A network administrator needs to create a policy on Cisco Firepower to fast-path traffic to avoid Layer 7 inspection. The rate at which traffic is inspected must be optimized. What must be done to achieve this goal?

A. Enable the FXOS for multi-instance.
B. Configure a prefilter policy.
C. Configure modular policy framework.
D. Disable TCP inspection.

Correct Answer: B


A network administrator is configuring SNORT inspection policies and is seeing failed deployment messages in Cisco FMC. What information should the administrator generate for Cisco TAC to help troubleshoot?

A. A “troubleshoot” file for the device in question.
B. A “show tech” file for the device in question.
C. A “troubleshoot” file for the Cisco FMC.
D. A “show tech” for the Cisco FMC.

Correct Answer: A



An engineer is configuring a Cisco IPS to protect the network and wants to test a policy before deploying it. A copy of each incoming packet needs to be monitored while traffic flow remains constant. Which IPS mode should be implemented to meet these requirements?

A. routed
B. passive
C. transparent
D. inline tap

Correct Answer: D


Which two actions can be used in an access control policy rule? (Choose two.)

A. Block with Reset
B. Monitor
C. Analyze
D. Discover
E. Block ALL

Correct Answer: AB



An engineer is working on a LAN switch and has noticed that its network connection to the inline Cisco IPS has gone down. Upon troubleshooting, it is determined that the switch is working as expected. What must have been implemented for this failure to occur?

A. The upstream router has a misconfigured routing protocol.
B. Link-state propagation is enabled.
C. The Cisco IPS has been configured to be in fail-open mode.
D. The Cisco IPS is configured in detection mode.

Correct Answer: D


Which function is the primary function of the Cisco AMP threat Grid?

A. flood attack detection.
B. secure boot
C. image signing
D. DDoS mitigation
E. SYN flood detection

Correct Answer: BC


Which policy rule is included in the deployment of a local DMZ during the initial deployment of a Cisco NGFW through the Cisco FMC GUI?

A. a default DMZ policy for which only a user can change the IP addresses.
B. deny ip any
C. no policy rule is included
D. permit IP any

Correct Answer: C


Administrator is attempting to remotely log into a switch in the data center using SSH and is unable to connect. How does the administrator confirm that traffic is reaching the firewall?

A. by running Wireshark on the administrator\’s PC.
B. by performing a packet capture on the firewall.
C. by running a packet tracer on the firewall.
D. by attempting to access it from a different workstation.

Correct Answer: B


Which command-line mode is supported by the Cisco Firepower Management Center CLI?

A. privileged
B. user
C. configuration
D. admin

Correct Answer: C


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