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300-825 clcnf exam

The Cisco Implementing Cisco Collaboration Conferencing exam code is “300-825”. To obtain the 300-825 CLCNF exam certificate, you must pass the 300-825 exam. The exam is just a way to verify your learning results.
You must master the corresponding knowledge to face the following work. The CCNP Collaboration 300-825 exam belongs to one of the CCNP Collaboration exam series. Facing the certification exam, you need to master a lot of corresponding knowledge:

  • Describe the Cisco conferencing architecture including cloud, hybrid, and on-premises conferencing
  • Describe the physical deployment options and deployment models for Cisco Meeting Server, including Cisco Meeting Server 1000, 2000, and virtual machine
  • Configure a Cisco Meeting Server single combined deployment for Web-Real Time Communications (WebRTC) endpoints within the enterprise

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Cisco 300-825 CLCNF free dumps

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Question 1:


Refer to the exhibit. An administrator troubleshoots an issue with Cisco Meeting Server. Endpoints that call from the remote site cannot connect, but endpoints that call from headquarters can connect. What should the administrator do to resolve this issue?

A. Add a route for to interface b.

B. Set interface b as the default interface.

C. Remove the route for from interface b.

D. Enable DHCP on interface a but not on interface b.


Question 2:

An engineer configures Cisco Meeting Server as a conference resource for Cisco UCM. Cisco UCM has a secure SIP trunk to Cisco Meeting Server, but the server does not register to Cisco UCM. Which configuration resolves this issue?

A. Ensure that the SIP trunk from Cisco UCM to Cisco Meeting Server is a secure trunk using port 5061.

B. Add Cisco Meeting Server to the Cisco UCM SIP trunk with an IP address and not an FQDN.

C. Set the Web Admin port on the Conference Bridge settings to match Cisco Meeting Server.

D. Configure an MRGL that contains Cisco Meeting Server to be associated with device pools.



Question 3:

Content-Type: application/sdp Content-Length: 4938 v=0 o=Acano 0 0 IN IP4 s=c=IN IP4 b=CT:16 t=0 0 m=audio 50262 RTP/AVP 108 107 109 110 9 99 111 100 104 103 0 8 15 102 18 13 118 101 a=crypto:1 AEAD_AES_128_GCM ************************************************|2^48 a=crypto:2 AEAD_AES_256_GCM ********************************************************************|2^48 a=crypto:3 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 *******************************************************|2^48 a=crypto:4 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_32 *******************************************************|2^48

m=video 50264 RTP/AVP 97 116 114 96 34 31 100 121 b=TIAS:16000 a=crypto:1 AEAD_AES_128_GCM ************************************************|2^48 a=crypto:2 AEAD_AES_256_GCM ********************************************************************|2^48 a=crypto:3 AES_CM_128_HMAC_sha1_80 *******************************************************|2^48 a=crypto:4 AES_CM_128_HMAC_sha1_32 *******************************************************|2^48 a=content:main a=sendrecv a=sprop-source:1 count=2;policies=cs:1 a=sprop-simul:1 1 * a=rtcp-fb:* nack pli a=rtcp-fb:* ccm fir a=rtcp-fb:* ccm cisco-scr a=extmap:1 a=extmap:2 a=rtpmap:97 H264/90000 a=fmtp:97 profile-level-id=42800a;max-mpbs=489600;max-fs=8160;max-cpb=4000;max-dpd=4752;max-fps=6000

Refer to the exhibit. Users report that they do not see a high-quality picture on the high-definition endpoints when they call into Cisco Meeting Server. An engineer must extract the SDP that is offered by Cisco Meeting Server from the SIP traces to troubleshoot. What is the cause of this issue?

A. Cisco Meeting Server is not configured for H.265 to support high-definition video calling.

B. The AES ciphers are not compatible with high-definition video calling.

C. The Content-Length value in the SDP does not support high-definition video calling.

D. The SIP call bandwidth is not at a value that supports high-definition video calling.


Question 4:

CCNP Collaboration







Refer to the exhibit. When a user dials 8001 to connect to a space that is hosted on Cisco Meeting Server, the user is prompted for a pin. The prompt says the user should press # to connect to a meeting without a pin, but guests and hosts must enter a pin before connecting to the meeting.

Which configuration change resolves this issue?

A. The secret value must be changed to be solely numeric instead of alpha-numeric.

B. The passcode must be changed to be longer than four digits.

C. All access methods that are associated with the space must be changed to include a pin.

D. A callLegProfile must be created and associated with the space so that pins are not optional.



Question 5:

An administrator wants to automatically schedule conferences with a cluster of Cisco Meeting Server devices that are managed with Cisco TMS. How should Cisco TMS be configured to accomplish this goal?

A. After the Cisco Meeting Server cluster is added, the Cisco TMS should failover an active conference to a different Cisco Meeting Server.

B. After the first Cisco Meeting Server is added, all servers in the cluster should automatically be detected.

C. When the first Cisco Meeting Server is added, the system name should automatically be detected.

D. After the Cisco Meeting Server cluster is added, the primary Cisco Meeting Server should automatically failover to another cluster member.


Question 6:

An engineer must configure Cisco Meeting Server integration to Cisco UCM. Which DNS A record must be configured to accomplish this goal?

A. Call Bridge


C. Conference Name

D. Cisco UCM Subscriber



Question 7:

In the Cisco TMS GUI, a Cisco UCM registered system shows these error details:

Provisioning mode is set to Cisco UCM for this system.

The system cannot be refreshed or scheduled.

To manage this system as a Cisco TMS system, the provisioning mode needs to be changed to Cisco TMS.

To add the system as Cisco UCM managed system, it must be added through the Cisco UCM that is provisioning the system.

What should be done to resolve this error?

A. Purge the system in Cisco TMS and add the system back directly to Cisco TMS using “Add by IP Address”.

B. Restart Microsoft IIS on the Windows server that hosts Cisco TMS and perform a “Force Refresh” on the system.

C. Delete the system and add the system back with the “Add from Cisco UCM or Cisco TMS” option.

D. Update the credentials for the system in Cisco TMS.


Question 8:

cisco 300-825 exam questions q8

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator configures Expressway-C to act as a proxy for a Cisco Meeting Server web app. Which configuration must exist on the Cisco Meeting Server that runs the web app to complete this integration?

A. web app running on port 445 B. HTTP redirect disabled on the web app

C. matching authentication combinations on the web app and Expressway-C

D. Common Name of “_cms-web._tls.join.darmckin.local” on the certificate in use


Question 9:

After performing an upgrade of the Cisco Meeting Server cluster, an engineer sees an error message indicating that Cisco Meeting Server is not licensed. Also, no spaces or users show in the GUI. What should be done to resolve this issue?

A. The database cluster upgrade_schema command must be run on the new database cluster master.

B. The Cisco Meeting Server nodes must be re-upgraded using the same file to upgrade all nodes.

C. The Cisco Meeting Server nodes must be re-upgraded with the database master being first and then all peers.

D. New database certificates must be generated for each peer in the cluster.



Question 10:

An engineer configures Cisco Meeting Server with Expressway for external web app access and must enable participants to use the web app to join conferences that are hosted on the meeting server. Which service should be used in the Expressway-E accomplish this goal?

A. Cisco Meeting Server


C. XMPP server




Question 11:

A customer has a collaboration solution on-premises and is considering a cloud solution for the enterprise. Which collaboration method should be deployed to protect the existing investment and extend collaboration to the cloud?

A. Continue to use the on-premises solution and add a cloud solution in parallel.

B. Refresh hardware and software with the latest releases.

C. Decommission on-premises equipment and flash cut to a cloud solution.

D. Move to a hybrid that integrates an existing solution with a cloud solution.



Question 12:

An administrator performs a major upgrade of a Cisco Meeting Server cluster that contains multiple database nodes. Which step ensures that the Call Bridge can use the database?

A. The command database cluster initialize must be run on the master database node.

B. The master database node must be the first server to complete the upgrade process.

C. The command database cluster upgrade_schema must be run on the master database node.

D. The master database node must create a new database cluster and join the peer servers.



Question 13:

To which two places should an administrator go to view an upcoming meeting scheduled on Cisco Meeting Server? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Meeting Server MMP interface

B. Cisco Meeting Management meetings interface

C. Cisco Meeting Server web user interface

D. Cisco Meeting Server API

E. Cisco TMS interface



Question 14:

What is the purpose of the Call Bridge service within Cisco Meeting Server?

A. It connects users from their web browsers into meetings that are hosted on Cisco Meeting Server.

B. It replicates database information between all nodes in the cluster.

C. It converts RTP media into MP4 files that can be distributed for replay.

D. It is the core conferencing service and manages media and signaling.


Question 15:

cisco 300-825 exam questions q15

Refer to the exhibit. Which two features are supported in the Cisco Meeting Server recording and streaming solution? (Choose two.)

A. editing recordings

B. portal to access recordings

C. 1080p resolution for streaming

D. changing layouts

E. closed captioning in streaming



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