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Vendor: CompTIA
Certifications: CompTIA Cloud Essentials
Exam Name: CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam
Exam Code: CLO-001
Total Questions: 230 Q&As
CLO-001 dumps
Which of the following is a business reason for IT outsourcing and cloud computing?
A. Improving cost structure
B. Improving customer satisfaction
C. Increasing control over IT systems
D. Decrease of security issues
Correct Answer: A

How can the internal IT department successfully react to cloud computing?
A. By becoming an external cloud provider
B. By becoming an internal cloud provider
C. By outsourcing all IT services
D. By solely focusing on security issues
Correct Answer: B

Why does hardware and operating system maintenance take less effort with SaaS?
A. Maintenance becomes irrelevant
B. Cloud provider takes care of it
C. Hardware vendor takes care of it
D. Operating system vendor takes care of it
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is an important skill for an organization wanting to adopt an IaaS strategy? CLO-001 dumps
A. Visualization technology
B. Application service procurement
C. Customer relations
D. Security and risk management
Correct Answer: A

How do demand management processes change with the introduction of SaaS?
A. New vendors have to be accommodated
B. Users can procure SaaS solutions themselves
C. The number of virtual machines can fluctuate with demand
D. Maintenance will become easier
Correct Answer: B
CLO-001 dumps
Why do management tools introduce a risk?
A. The management tools present a vendor lock-in
B. The management tools are indispensible above a specific scale of operation
C. The migration may not be successful
D. Too many software licenses are needed
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is an example of a cloud-related security risk?
A. Losing network connectivity
B. Not having enough software licenses
C. Not knowing what the cloud provider will charge
D. Storing customer data at a provider
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a unique characteristic of virtualization?
A. Security features
B. Federated identities
C. Shared hardware
D. Sourcing challenges
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following describes the amount of data that can be sent across a link in a given time?
A. Network bandwidth
B. Network QoS
C. Network latency
D. Network speed
Correct Answer: A

CLO-001 dumps How can an organization successfully implement a PaaS strategy?
A. Open up internal databases with Web service access.
B. Take inventory of the application portfolio and select external suppliers
C. Standardize on a limited set of virtual machines.
D. Continuously execute performance analytics to monitor providers
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is the MOST complex security provisioning problem in a cloud environment?
A. Handling credit cards for purchasing cloud services
B. Keeping track of cloud provider performance
C. Managing users and their rights across multiple providers
D. Software assets that are introduced and can expire
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following applications is MOST suitable for a cloud computing pilot?
A. Applications that are currently expensive to maintain because of interconnections
B. Applications that are easy to migrate and have some business value
C. Applications with high risk and little business value
D. Legacy applications that are coupled to specific hardware and systems software
Correct Answer: B

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