Cisco (CSCO) Quantified Score Limit Ratings

Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is one of 72 companies in the GICS communications equipment group, which in turn is part of the 703 companies’ GICS information technology industry. CSCO’s market capitalization of 189.1 billion US dollars, belonging to the highest one-tenth of the industrial group.

The current rankings for the portfolio are CSCO, ranked 27th out of 72 companies in the industry and 42nd out of 703 companies in the sector, ranking No. 2,441 in the portfolio average of nearly 5,000 companies.

Portfolio graders currently CSCO rated as suspended. The basic and quantitative methodologies used in this stock assessment tool developed by Louis Navellier study and rank around 5,000 stocks each week. CSCO maintained this position last month.
Portfolio graders currently rank fourth in the world’s 12 industries for the information technology industry, ranking second in all GICS quarters. Communications Equipment Industry Group ranked 56 in 69 industry groups in the GICS industry, well below average for the Navellier scoring system.

Four of the eight basic areas that CSCO analyzed in the portfolio rating agencies received above-average scores, with an average or below average in the four areas evaluated in the company’s stock rankings.

CSCO’s business results mixed, sales growth and earnings growth rank below average, operating profit margin above average. Profitability visibility was mixed, earnings surprise rankings and earnings corrections were below average, while earnings momentum scores were above average. CSCO’s return on equity and cash flow significantly better than the industry average. These basic points give Cisco leadership in the first half of the industry group.

Zain Group and Cisco announced that the former is leveraging the latter’s advanced network routing and WAN automation to bring the benefits of distributed intelligence and centralized control to its network.
Under the agreement, Cisco said it will provide Zain Group with next-generation networking capabilities that include simplified operations, programmability, scalability, and additional network availability. This release marks the general trend of network automation and flexibility. Cisco also said it will help Zain Group optimize network operations and provide a full range of differentiated services.

Navellier’s proprietary quantitative scores are used by portfolio graders to measure CSCO’s stock from a risk / reward point of view. This unique scoring method takes into account the relative value of a company’s shares based on the current price of the shares relative to their peers, the markets and risks associated with the industry and industry organizations. Using this risk / return calculation, CSCO currently has a higher average score in its industry than its peers.