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Free test Cisco Business Architecture Analyst 810-440 Exam questions and Answers

Stakeholder audiences cover a range of customers, sales professionals, and others. Which three key position groups
make up important stakeholders? (Choose three.)
A. Executives
B. Influencers
C. Employees
D. Decision makers
E. Suppliers
Correct Answer: ACE

Which tool is recommended to help identify customer responsibilities in one of their business processes?
A. BMC chart
B. RACE report
C. Agile chart
D. RACI chart
Correct Answer: D

Which business priority is true?
A. Develop a new network infrastructure that is agile and easy to operate.
B. Develop security capabilities at the edge and core to protect users.
C. Increase same store year over year sales by 20%.
D. Define a single policy for wired and wireless users.
Correct Answer: A

Which purpose of the Cisco Business Architecture maturity levels is true?
A. It is used to determine the customer financial maturity for investment.
B. It is used to determine Cisco readiness against the competition.
C. It is used to determine customer readiness for engagement.
D. It is used to determine the technology adoption in a customer environment.
Correct Answer: D

Which options are two features of business requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Business requirements are managed by stakeholders.
B. Business requirements support specific business objectives.
C. Business requirements are prioritized in compliance with influence dynamics.
D. Business requirements are dynamic in nature and change over time.
E. Business requirements are always defined inside a line of business.
Correct Answer: BD

Which list comprises business capability components?
A. people, process, solutions
B. technology, people, outcomes
C. process, technology, solutions
D. people, process, technology
Correct Answer: D

Which component of a business strategy must be measurable?
A. environment
B. vision
C. goals
D. mission
Correct Answer: C

There are approximately nineteen industry verticals. Which five are relevant to Cisco? (Choose five.)
A. Connected Learning
B. Connected Buildings
C. Connected Public Safety
D. Health Care
E. Disaster Management
F. Connected City
G. Connected Utilities
H. Connected Factory
Correct Answer: CDFGH

Which two options are the types of costs the sales professionals should consider with the customer, in helping to
position technical support and cloud based services? (Choose two.)
A. Operational costs
B. Real costs
C. Hidden costs
D. Recurring costs
E. Perceived costs
Correct Answer: BE

Which value does Cisco Business Architecture provide to the account team?
A. increased deferred revenue pipeline
B. hands-off approach to customer engagement
C. cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
D. technology-focused discussions with customer
Correct Answer: C

Which two classes of solutions enable business outcomes for the Energy/Utilities industry? (Choose two.)
A. Advanced Routing
B. Data Center and Virtualization
C. Multilayer Switching
D. Internet of Everything
E. Remote Expert
F. Service Provider Network Infrastructure
Correct Answer: BD

Which three options are financial challenges in business outcome-based selling? (Choose three.)
A. Competing stakeholder goals and expectations.
B. Difficulty to determine external value.
C. Financial resources are distributed across functional areas.
D. Competitive analysis is often incomplete.
E. IT adoption and implementation may have long business cycles.
Correct Answer: ACE

A business wants to transform from its current business state to its target business state. Which purpose of the business
roadmap is true?
A. It establishes a plan of the products needed to meet this goal.
B. It establishes a plan for the software feature deployment needed to meet this goal.
C. It establishes a plan of the products and software features deployment needed to meet this goal.
D. It establishes the plan that enables the business to meet this goal.
Correct Answer: D

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