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A stock brokerage firm requires that all trades are executed quickly with a minimal amount of delay due to network latency. Which software requirement is recommended as part of a business requirement?
A. The application shall process trades as soon as possible with no further delay.
B. The application should provide high-availability features to continue trading activities even in case of a software or hardware failure.
C. The application shall maintain the state of all active network links in real time and prioritize traffic flows that belong to trading activities on the links with lowest latency.
D. The application should set the latency attribute to zero on packets that belong to the a trading action.
Correct Answer: C

You must develop an SDN application that meets these specifications. The solution must manage devices through a centralized controller to configure access control lists. The solution will monitor traffic at a packet level to determine which packets are coming from known rogue applications and/or devices. Identified traffic will be used as the basis to create new ACLs to be deployed back onto the network devices. The identification and provisioning steps should take no more than 100 milliseconds. Which three design options must you consider to develop an SDN application that meets these specifications? (Choose three.)
A. choice of programming and scripting language
B. choice of service set
C. choice of transport protocol
D. choice of deployment model
E. use of security and TLS
F. hardware platforms involved
Correct Answer: ABD

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true based on this flowchart? (Choose two.) 600-509
A. All packets that are bound to host are dropped.
B. Packet with source IP and destination IP are spanned.
C. All packets with source IP and destination IP are dropped.
D. All packets from host destined to host are dropped or spanned.
E. All traffic destined to host is dropped or spanned.
F. OpenFlow v1.0 only supports “flows” that are defined based on MAC addresses, not IP addresses.
Correct Answer: CD

Which three options are requirements that should be supported by Software Defined Networking controllers? (Choose three.)
A. extraction of network element and topology information
B. computation of the explicit routing path per application flow.
C. ability to route application traffic based on policy
E. Agile development principles
F. service-oriented architecture
Correct Answer: ABC

Which two protocols only keep track of the routers that are situated only one hop away? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AB

Which programming language and Cisco onePK Service Set is required for an application that performs at the packet level?
A. Java with Utility Service Set
B. REST with Element Service Set
C. Ruby with Routing Service Set
D. Python with Routing Service Set
E. REST with Utility Service Set
F. C with Data Path Service Set
G. Java with Developer Service Set
Correct Answer: F

An application that leverages the Cisco onePK Data Path Service Set requires that TCP frames are inspected and discarded under a set of conditions. The sender is not informed of the discard. Which action does this scenario describe?
A. bypass or offload
B. DSCP marking
C. drop
D. purge
E. L4 redirect
Correct Answer: D

Which Cisco onePK API service provides path tracing capabilities?
A. Switching
B. Routing
C. Utility
D. Data Path
E. Developer
F. Discovery
Correct Answer: C

You must document that before your application applies any configuration changes to a device, the application runs those changes through a set of predefined, automated consistency tests called “ACTCHECK10”. The application applies changes only after the test has completed without any ERRORS or WARNINGS. Which statement about these requirements is true?
A. The system should test the configuration before applying it.
B. After applying the configuration changes the user should ping the device to ensure that everything still works.
C. The system should run consistency checks prior to applying configuration changes.
D. Prior to applying the configuration changes to the device, the system shall run consistency test ACT_CHECK10, and proceed to applying changes only if no errors and/or warnings are reported by the test.
E. The system should call the function app.ACT_CHECK10(“config-changes.txt”) method and capture the output. The system shall than go through the output to count the number of ERRORS and WARNINGS reported by the test. If the total number of ERRORS and WARNINGS is equal to 0, the system shall proceed to run app.ApplyChanges(“config-changes.txt”).
Correct Answer: D

When an application must be developed that interacts with Cisco IOS, NX-OS, and IOS-XR devices, the application must use LDAP for authentication and have secure communication between the Cisco 600-509 onePK application and managed device. The customer prefers the use of Java for follow-on supportability by their staff. The customer is familiar with the Eclipse IDE. Which application dependency is relevant?
A. interaction with multiple device platforms Cisco IOS, NX-OS, and IOS-XR
B. use of LDAP for authentication
C. use of secure communication between onePK app and the device
D. choice of Java as programming language
E. customer’s familiarity with Eclipse IDE
Correct Answer: B

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